Court Documents Detail Evidence in
Sandy Hook School Shooting

Court records reveal: investigators found a National Rifle Association certificate inside Adam Lanza's home.

Authorities also found a Sandy Hook Elementary School report card, a pair of Simmons binoculars, a Bushnell sport view rifle scope (4x32mm), a High Sierra fanny pack, books including NRA Guide to Basics of Pistol Shooting and also Train Your Brain to Get Happy, a metal bayonet, a Marksman BB gun (serial #32814), 3 Samurai swords, and an array of guns and ammunition including but not limited to:

1 small plastic bag containing numerous .22 caliber bullets;
1 white plastic bag containing 30 Winchester 12ga. shotgun shells;
2 Remington 12-gauge slugs;
2 empty boxes of Winchester 9mm Luger;
3 Winchester .223 rifle rounds;
3 boxes of Blazer 40 S&W (50 rounds each);
4 boxes of SB buckshot (12-gauge, 10 round per box);
5 Winchester 12-gauge shotgun shells (cut open, with buckshot);
5 paper targets;
6 boxes of PMC .223 rem (20 rounds each);
6 Winchester 9 pellet buckshot shells (12-gauge);

... but not a single partridge in a pear tree!

Also, no prescription medications.
No pill bottles & no pills, tablets or capsules.
No psychiatric drugs (no tranquilizers, sedatives,
antidepressants, stimulants or mood stabilizers).
No medical records of any kind whatsoever. None at all.

Did we mention they found three Samurai swords?
Here are their sizes: 13-inch, 21-inch and 28-inch.

A portion of the original court documents may be found here: search warrants 16 Dec 2012 released 27 Mar 2013.pdf

Be sure to note the items on pages 9 and 14:
medical records, psychiatric records, prescriptions...

Written documentation presumed to be authored and/or collected by Adam Lanza and/or Nancy Lanza, referencing, or pertaining to Adam Lanza and/or Nancy Lanza, These documents include but are not limited to drawings, written notes, typed notes, medical records, psychiatric records, prescriptions, telephone records, school records, receipts and subscriptions, along with newspaper clippings pertaining to Adam Lanza and/or Nancy Lanza.

Also be sure to note on page 16, inventory of property seized:
  Item #76 - Medical Papers
  Item #89 - Various insurance, medical and other paperwork

The inventory of property seized includes Item #76 Medical Papers, Item #89 Various insurance, medical and other paperwork in name of Nancy Lanza, and college paperwork in name of Adam Lanza.

  What was found in Sandy Hook?
What's being hidden, and why?

        According to Assistant Attorney General Patrick B. Kwanashie,
        divulging the identity of the antidepressants Lanza was taking
        would cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.

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