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Bonkers Funnies ~ Page 2

Assorted cartoons, fake ads, spoof articles, parody and satire aimed at the psychiatric drug industry.
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medical marijuana, medical cheetos and medical Grateful Dead tickets paid for by Uncle Sam Medical Cheetos. Test results: cocaine heroin alcohol nicotine LSD caffeine Hey everybody!
I passed my drug test!
Martha Rosenberg: Should I take Dexedrine? I don't know
if I should take
Dr. Seuss: You're Only Old Once! A Book for Obsolete Children. Good, Bad, or So-So?
Adam Zyglis - Isn't that my purse? it's not genocide as such Stop using emotive words like genocide.
generic prozac now available All your back to school needs. Brainwaves by Betsy Streeter That was the sugar talking.
Nonsense! Nobody respects my opinions. he thinks the kid next door might not need Ritalin after all Wally is put on anti-paranoia medication.
is that a new mole? Hypochondriac's daily calendar. hugging deficit disorder Your new drug regimen is ready.
The Simpsons Season 20 Episode 17 - The Good, the Sad and the Drugly How Ignorital works. the medicine makes me feel worse not better Let's increase the dose.
clearly a cry for help - nik scott Clearly a cry for help. how are the moo swings - nik scott How are the moo swings?
immergé dans un océan de médicaments Drowning in a sea of pills. you don't need a pill for every ill What kind of prescription is this?
are you annoyingly happy? Despondex® for the
annoyingly cheerful.
the last thing he needs is another drug Mentally ill, or a jackass?
STIMULUS anti-depression medication Panacea for the economy:
O-loft fights recession.
preliminary attention disorder and possibly dyslexic That kid is just staring into space!
epidemic of dysgraphia at the addition research institute Additional research needed. pfizer wyeth marriage Marriage made in heaven.
whatever traumatized your son in his past, we'll find it South Park Institute for Mental Health. Scott Adams Doctors never want to
treat the underlying problem.
they march right up and put their heads on the block Turkeys on Prozac. ask your doctor if it is right for you A pill to to solve
all your problems.
Dwayne Booth I see a bunny. Barbara Smaller Chronic conditions are
our bread and butter.
rent a weasel 3 bitter scientists and
100 lazy journalists.
quality academics Mail order academics.
are you putting my daughter on ritalin I'll put you
on it too. Rx vending machines.
not to be taken internally Spankacil®
by Pfister
Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller The "studies have shown" ploy.
David Kish Doctor's lounge Mark Parisi Bluebird of happiness
Andy Singer Pharmaceutical
folk songs
random stock photograph of nature or something We print a pretty picture for you.
bent objects by terry border Fix it with drugs. doggie disorder Obedience through chemistry.
ethan persoff When a doctor
prescribes a medicine.
tom toles I think we have
something for that.
nitrozac & snaggy Doc, what's wrong with me? Signe Wilkinson Half of all Americans may be mentally ill.
Dwane Powell The tv ads are
ready to roll.
slowpoke - jen sorensen Reality-based disorder. Fauxmaceuticals Berkeley Breathed - Opus Dr. Medwell
Steve Kelley May cause weight gain. Rick London and Rich Diesslin Why do you fear the psychiatric community? Motivational deficit disorder. FDA approved drug. Warning: contains FDA approved drug. FDA approved.
Frank and Ernest -- Bob Thaves Wander Drug. Dr. Bill Mahr The answer isn't another pill.
Signe Wilkinson Drug-free America. Berkeley Breathed -- Opus One Stop Med-Mart.
dr. stephen colbert Psychopharmaparenting. Mick Stevens Good shrink, bad shrink.
Mark Stivers Pavlov's dog. fresh from eli lilly's bakery Cookies do not contain Prozac.
Steve Greenberg Health Care
Then & Now
Gabriel Paavola America's favorite pastime.
James Torlakson It's elementary. Colin Downes-Grainger Medical monkeys.
art by Emma Holister Don't worry about addiction. Mike Adams and Dan Berger What doctors are really thinking.
Emma Holister What does FDA stand for? by Dana Wyse Develop your child's imagination.
inspired by Robin Williams When life just blows. by Randy Glasbergen My therapy is simple.
by Randy Glasbergen Child psychology. by James MacLeod Government Research
Mike Adams and Dan Berger Siamese Twins. ethic-eze Ethic-Ease
Mike Adams and Dan BergerHonest labels. Justine Cooper is a genius Havidol: when more is not enough.
Mike Adams and Dan BergerBusiness is booming. Mike Adams and Dan Berger Pharmaceutical roulette.
Mike PetersNo problem, Mrs. Shakespeare.  Wizard of Id by Parker and Hart How are the new pills working?
so much easier than parentingParenting made easy.  David Waisglass and Gordon Coulthart Donuts without holes.
drugawareness.orgMolly's Zoloft story. PANEXA is a registered trademark of MERD Pharmeceutical Group Ask your doctor for a reason to take it.
Jim BorgmanNow there's Gulliblexx. Critical thinking inhibitor
John Jonik editorial cartoons - Ritalin drug free Drug Free Zone? John Pritchett It's okay, I'm a doctor.
sertraline user Zoloft does everything. Jeff Macnelly Did you take your Ritalin today?
Yeah, Timmy had to start Ritalin, too. Timmy can't focus very long on anything. Ask your doctor about which Bush may be right for you Ask your doctor which president may be right for you. FDA approves prescription placebo. Jennifer Berman The few kids who don't have ADHD. Youthful Tendency Disorder. zoloft ahead Currently on Prozac.
artist Tom Edwards Clinical caffeine dependency.  pottery by Tom Edwards Antidepressants make Wally sad.
Chris Vacano Zoloft subvertisement. McDonald's Nutritional Science Building at University, Inc.
Jerry Magni Major Moo Disorder. tom toles I'll write it up for you. Adhd screening test. dan piraro Poe on Prozac. Zoloft for everything. Wash your blues away.

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