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Side Effects Made Simple:
Shopper's Guide to 22 Worthless Drugs

Click on drug name to view complete list of side effects (aka adverse events)
sorted alphabetically for your shopping convenience.

1,182 Abilify side effects
  819 Adderall side effects
1,658 Celexa side effects
1,989 Cymbalta side effects
1,994 Depakote side effects
2,356 Effexor side effects
1,366 Geodon side effects
1,100 Klonopin side effects
2,233 Lamictal side effects
1,886 Lexapro side effects
2,672 Neurontin side effects
2,497 Paxil side effects
1,817 Prozac side effects
1,935 Risperdal side effects
1,195 Ritalin & Concerta effects
1,656 Seroquel side effects
2,025 Strattera side effects
2,270 Tegretol side effects
1,773 Wellbutrin side effects
1,356 Xanax side effects
2,194 Zoloft side effects
2,962 Zyprexa side effects

what you should know - what to expect
aripiprazole-induced rabbit syndrome * dextroamphetamine-induced peripheral vasculopathy * citalopram-induced serotonin syndrome * duloxetine-induced nausea * valproate-induced tremor * venlafaxine-induced hair loss * ziprasidone-induced acute dystonic reactions * clonazepam-induced delirium * lamotrigine-induced parkinsonism * escitalopram-induced paroxysmal dystonia * gabapentin-induced myoclonus * paroxetine-induced vaginal anaesthesia * fluoxetine-induced extrapyramidal reactions * risperidone-induced pisa syndrome * methylphenidate-induced orofacial and extremity dyskinesia * quetiapine-induced acute dystonia and akathisia * atomoxetine-induced mania * carbamazepine-induced orofacial dyskinesia * bupropion-induced acute dystonia * alprazolam-induced hypomania * sertraline-induced akathisia and dystonia * olanzapine-induced double incontinence * and the list is just beginning...
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